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...with John MacKenzie

          Having already achieved the Scottish Counselling and Psychotherapy Association certificate in counselling and psychotherapy skills, my aim is to become fully qualified by mid-2024. I have recently been approved to practice counselling as part of my diploma course, which means I need to achieve 100 hours of practice as a counsellor within the coming year.  

          The St James' Research Centre, located near the centre of Falkirk, has kindly offered me the use of their facilities.

          The benefit for you is that because I am not yet formally qualified the counselling service on offer is absolutely FREE of charge!  You will not pay one penny for my counselling service.

Please note that as I am still training, I cannot counsel those in crisis.

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Whatever you're going through, whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, I’ll be with you every step. Take a look at my site and see how I could perhaps help.

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The person-centered approach

I have adopted what is known as a person-centered approach to counselling.  The benefits of this form of therapy are as follows:

  • Accepting and valuing who you are​

  • Living more fully in the present

  • processing life experiences

  • building and maintaining a sense of purpose

  • developing relationships with others

  • developing creative energy

A distinct advantage of this approach is that it is non-directive​ - I will not be giving you advice or telling you what to do. Rather, I will listen to you, your experiences, feelings, and thoughts without judgement and help you to work out for yourself the best way forward.  Deep inside, most likely you know what to do.  My job is to help you on the way.  What you do is up to you!


Life coaching
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