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The Value of Counselling

How does it work?

...developing counselling and psychotherapy knowledge and skills through practice

     I provide counselling with the aim of helping you to thrive and grow, to support you as you work your way through your issues, whatever they are and whether long or short-term.  Your mind may be in a tangle, and you feel overwhelmed with all the issues and responsibilities you're coping with.  You may just need someone who is totally independent, who will listen and help you straighten things out in your own mind.

    On other occasions, you may know only too well where the problem lies and just need someone to be there while you talk things through.  You already know what to do but need someone who will listen, will not judge, advise or tell you what you should do.  I know that sometimes things can get challenging, and I’m here to help you work out for yourself the way forward.

    You may be wondering how we get started and what a typical counselling session will look like.  It's quite simple really; all that you have to do is contact me either by phone or email, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I may not be able to answer immediately if I'm in a session with another client.  We will then arrange a meeting to discuss the way forward during which we will agree:

  • confidentiality​ (I'm registered with the Information Commissioner's Office [ICO]).

  • boundaries around what we talk about and how we relate to each other.

  • session duration and timings (typically of one-hour duration once a week, although timings and dates can be flexible).

  • emergency contacts e.g. if you do not turn up for a session or cannot attend for some reason.

  • safeguarding.

   We will also have periodic reviews during which we will assess progress.  You will be free to terminate counselling sessions with me at any time.  We may also agree that the kind of therapy I am offering is not best suited to yourself.

   Any counselling work I undertake is...

  • supervised by an experienced and fully qualified psychotherapist

  • conducted in accordance with the COSCA code of ethics

  • insured by PPS (Psychologists Protection Society)

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