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Science, Technology and Psychology

We build authentic psychometric assessments based on the latest scientific research that benefit organisations and their employees and deliver real results.
If you need to assess staff for recruitment or development, we can help. We provide robust, modern workplace assessments through an immersive online experience that is tailored to your organisation and its needs.
Our core psychometric assessments are based on best-of-breed, modern scientific models of behaviour that are deeply rooted in over 100 years of research that includes the latest scientific relationships between cognitive functions of the brain and behaviour. Using up-to-the-minute technology, we deliver assessments in a way that showcases your organisation’s brand and values, customised to your specific assessment scenario.

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 Arabian Assessment & Development Centre (AADC)

Premier HR Consultancy in the Middle East

Established in the year 2000 as an HR consultancy, AADC has been incorporated in the Middle East, Headquartered in the UAE since that time, and has grown into a specialist HR consultancy offering bi-lingual HR services.
We have offices both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, are an HR consultancy delivering  practical HR solutions based on extensive international and local experience.  We thrive on challenges presented by the more complex people issues.
Our portfolio of services covers a wide range of HR interventions with our highly qualified senior consultants having extensive experience both internationally and within the UAE and GCC.

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